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From aspiration to affluence learning has always been the preference.....

From aspiration to affluence learning has always been the preference.....

Posted On: 19th July 2021


Aspirant’s could be of various types, but here in Triveni we have one, who is much alike a pre-programmed  missile, focused towards the target, though is multi dimensional, uploaded with assertive qualities to accomplish the task in a certain schedule, framed in concentration. In affluence, out of frame, path or applied conditions, the one has a source with-in to inspire and aspire to emancipate, elaborate for refinement and further envisage to know and eventually to share the knowledge. Actually, such instincts are there in a student with an enduring lifelong learning enthusiasm, which is obvious there in Dr Mayukh Pandit.

Devotion and inclination for the study of dentistry has involved this young aspirant to such level that Dr Mayukh Pandit, has developed an impulsive attachment for the studies which is no less than a meticulous art work, therefore has been honorably  elected by several prestigious research organizations and welfare societies across the world to help create better options for living a healthy happy life.  Dr Mayukh, is currently serving and leading as the director of "Inflame International Medicine and Clinical Research Wing" in association with Indian Medical Association JDN. This one is just one out of the rest fifty national as well as international societies  where Dr Mayukh is involved with an aim to cure and save humanity from incurables. 

Triveni Dental College, though has the departments for various dental studies and able faculties for imparting knowledge, information and necessary guidance to their respective departments but does provide the vistas of vitality to explore beyond the textbooks, syllabus, laboratory or clinical tests those are prescribed by the council.    

  • Mayukh Pandit is Director of Inflame International Medicine and Clinical Research Wing in association with Indian Medical Association JDN .
  • He is also Board Certified Researcher in Anatomy received his honoree from Research Bureau Veritas .
  • He have made  a record of 13 peer-reviewed publications of his clinical observation, inventions and innovations which were published in various prestigious Journals .
  • He is also associated and honored as Editorial Committee Board Member and Peer - reviewer of 37 national and international Journals .
  • He is also regarded as honoree member of various prestigious International societies and associations across the world. He is honoree member of Asian Society of Researcher, American academy of neurology and European Academy of Neurology.
  • He have served as Volunteer committee member of COVID-19 Tele-Support Team was initiated by IESRF, Delhi.
  • He have won ‘Research Excellence Award’ 2020 for his Research paper entitled ‘Suicide Disease’ published in Indian Journal of Medical Psychiatry Vol 2.2019 .
  • He is also the recipient of honorable title ‘Asia’s Best Researcher in Anatomy 2020 ‘under Nobel Research Prize conducted by ISSSN Awards.
  • He is also elected as member of ‘Ethical and Guidelines Committee’ of Innovative Education Scientific and Research Foundation.
  • He have been invited as Guest Speaker from World’s Surgeon Congress held in California.
  • His interviews are regularly featured in front page of newspapers as well as cover of magazines (IDA Student Digest) as well as broadcasted.

‘I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our honorable Chairman Dr Vishal Jain Sir ,our honorable principal Dr Sanjay Nyamati Sir and all my respected professor’s and staffs of T.I.D.S.H.R.C for their constant support and guidance always , building my complete foundation and enlightening my work with encouragement’.            

       -   Mayukh Pandit

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