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Pharmacology is a branch of medicine that studies the effects of medications on the body and how pharmaceuticals are metabolized by the body. There are two major components to pharmacology research first is pharmacokinetics and second is pharmacodynamics. Pharmacodynamics is concerned with the medication's mode of action, efficacy, safety, receptor occupancy, and drug interactions, whereas pharmacokinetics is concerned with drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. To successfully treat a dental condition with certain medicine, you must be aware of all of these characteristics.

In dentistry and dental hygiene, pharmacology is very essential. Knowledge of all these aspects with respect to a given drug is necessary in order to successfully treat a dental condition using the drug. Dentists still use drugs to treat the majority of dental problems, either alone or as part of preoperative management. Dental pharmacology aims at understanding the scientific aspects of how medications used in dentistry act within various body systems. A comprehensive understanding of the fundamental pharmacology is required to treat oral disorders with drugs.